Chemical Peels

Our team of licensed and certified estheticians are passionate about helping our Wichita client’s look and feel beautiful! We specialize in a variety of facials, chemical peels and the exclusive Hydrafacial MD in addition to Perk Lip and Eye treatments and LED Light Therapy. We also offer waxing and tinting services. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!



Chemical Peel Treatments:


Perfection Lift (45 mins)…$100


Signature Wrinkle Lift (45 mins)…$100

Signature Wrinkle Lift – Advanced (45 mins)…$120


Lightening and Brightening Lift (45 mins)…$100

Lightening and Brightening Lift – Advanced (45 mins)..$120


Acne Lift (45 mins)…$100

Acne Lift – Advanced (45 mins)…$120


Glo Triple Transformation Peel (45 mins)…$150

Designed to target multiple concerns with a powerful combination of effective acids, including lactic, salicylic, and resorcinol. This multi-tasking peel effectively reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as breakouts.


Glo Triple Transformation Peel+ Retinol & C Boost Max (45 mins)…$195

Enhance your peel experience with this smoothing and brightening booster. This retinol and vitamin C formula offers a complexion refresh by promoting cell turnover and visible sloughing for smoother, brighter skin.



LED Light Therapy…$30

High Frequency…$15

Soothing Eye Treatment…$20

Lip Rejuvenation Treatment…$15

Dermaplane Add-On…$30